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Music Statement

I picked up guitar during my second year of University and started songwriting a year or so later...something that took me completely by surprise. Some of my songs are initiated with a specific idea in mind, i.e. political satire or humour, but most often they arrive unbidden, unplanned and without warning. Sometimes Iím half finished before I even have an idea of what theyíre about. I usually recognize the subject as something thatís been brewing for a while and they have spanned a variety of topics, including observational, current events, historical, farming, family, personal, instrumental, spirituality and creativity.

My creative time is split between music and art. Often, when I am working on a painting or sculpture, I also have a new tune brewing. I find that the different disciplines inform and spark each other and also help in defining and analyzing my creative process. I often revisit themes and metaphors in different media. Iíve heard it argued that you need to specialize and focus on one thing in order to get anywhere, but that sounds boring to me. Thereís a song in that.


Photo by Lorrie Dillard
Photo by Lorrie Dillard




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