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Orion's Arm


The mist is marching down the glen from the highlands, this morning
Can’t see inches from my eyes
The dew is hung on ancient trees like a warning
blue peaks lie shrouded in the skies
They say to sit until it lifts, move ahead and you might risk
a fall….. but I know these hills

Sun dappled high mountain gleams, woven with streams
each ribbon has wandered and flown, carved into stone

The rolling moors and loch and stone have a cool clear beauty
giant trees are standing fast
anchored firm through centuries like a sense of duty
That will not yield to the last
Draw us into two straight lines of what is yours and what is mine…
and we’ll fight for a way of life.

Deep forest blankets of green spun in a dream
Faint echoes pipe in the dawn, where have you gone?

Five thousand men are on their feet
to face their foe through cold and sleet
The heather waves in wind and rain
trampled in to grow again
The earth is soft
the earth is soft the earth is warm
the earth is soft the earth is warm as blood
the earth is soft the earth is warm as our blood

Orion’s Arm

As the universe expands

The stars go sailing by, aglow

And as the constellations shift

Orion will lay down his bow

Big bang, and bigger bangs
It’s always been the same.
We’re throwing our torches
On an eternal flame

Beneath the grass and flowers, the soldiers

lie alone, with swords of rust

And their passion, dreams and breath

are swirled in the trails of dust

Big bang, and bigger bangs
When will it ever change?
Make time to tend to
Your internal flame

As my daughter slept last night

I prayed to keep her safe from harm

And when I looked into the dark

I thought Orion moved his arm.




August 2002 For Marion after 20 years

Adrift in the last ebbing washes of waking dreams
You are there, like you’d never left, a lifetime ago
I pick through the tide polished fragments of broken dreams
And find that time has dulled the edges of joy and pain

Even now, even now
I miss you everyday

Awake in the nightmares creation, recurring dream
Of a train in a universe of patterned stars
Now I know, why it scared me those years ago
Looming large at the edges of its place and time

Time slips by, time slips by
a little everyday

They say that your journey from childhood leaves faded dreams
But mine remain, and though they may have changed I know they’re still true
To rouse and follow imagination, through my day dreams
Leads me on, as my life and time circles back to you

Take time to dream, time to dream
a little everyday
a little everyday


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