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Metal Work

My metal sculpture is created in my farm shop near my home outside of Barrie. I have collected my metal working equipment over the years, mostly for farm repair at the start and gradually increasingly for my artistic pursuit. I have also saved the parts from numerous repair jobs with the nagging thought that someday I would put them to use. The pile continues to grow quicker than I can use it. The shop isnít heated so I tend to concentrate my efforts during warmer weather.


I have recently joined the roster of artists at Double Door Studios and Gallery, Anten Mills. I took over a studio from a packrat woodworker who left a tonne of junk and an inch of fine dust through-out the space. With it now relatively clean and organized (because I havenít moved everything in yet) I am enjoying working there and have experienced an interesting shift in my work over the winter.


Music happens everywhere.

Studio Visits Welcomed!

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