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Artist Statement

My paintings have evolved from working loosely with the figure in watercolour on paper, to expressionistic figurative oil on canvas and have landed firmly in a pool of non-objective acrylic paint.

The sculptural work has included found objects and figures and is currently centered primarily in a series of globes. Metal work, while allowing for a dramatic increase in scale, has also necessitated the use of mathematics, measuring, marking and other trappings of accuracy which I otherwise happily avoid. Recently Ive introduced plasma cut designs, marking the return of the looseness of my drawing hand.

My songwriting is lyric-driven, progressive folk or roots music anchored by inventive guitar playing. I write on a wide variety of topics with the goal of producing songs that are purposeful, fun and interesting (although not necessarily all at the same time).

Observing my own creativity - how much was cognitive and how much unconscious - has fostered a fascination with its nature and its source. Attempting to analyze my intuitive side and direct it to fuel all of my work is at the center of my creative process.


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